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About Us

Celtech International Pte Ltd was formed in 2006 with the aim of providing Services to SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) in the region, and bring new technological products and platforms to enhance businesses to both SMEs and others.

Our Services

A networking platform to allow Global SMEs with Graphic printing and print electronics to expand beyond their home turf.

Celtech International Pte Ltd provides a trading facility to companies that are in their initial exploring stage, and not ready to form an entity.

Celtech International Pte Ltd provides logistic services to facilitate SMEs to gain a foothold in Singapore, and through Singapore to Asia.

Desires and Aims

To introduce new and innovative technology and services to the market.

To offer an alternative solution to traditional marketing mediums.

To make use of social networking media as an advertising platform.

To help expand SMEs’¬†contacts in the region and globally.

To introduce more eco-friendly lighting systems (products) for home and advertising.

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