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LED UV is the emerging curing lamp technology that offers compactness, cost efficiency and yet does not emit ozone. Due to its low curing heat emission, LED UV lamps offer a wider selection of material, especially thinner or heat sensitive film and plastic.

There are many benefits of LED UV curing, such as reduction of energy usage, thus reducing operating cost; compared to conventional UV lamps, LED UV lamps reduce carbon emission as it does not contain mercury making your workplace a safer working environment.

Additional benefits of LED lamps include the ability to switch ‘off/on’ immediately in operation to meet production demand. Its low emission curing heat helps reduce substrate distortion and reduces the damage to substrates. As it does not require any heat and ozone ventilation, it requires less space.

Pros of LED

Pros of Watercool LED

  • Quieter
  • Higher peak intensity
  • Easily acclimatize to tough conditions & surroundings
  • Minimal temperature change


  • Inkjet printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexo printing

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